Wednesday 27th June 2018
Story Social afternoon workshop and evening event

Do you – or someone in your team - have a desire or need to speak well on stage? If so, we have an interesting opportunity for you.

It’s free, it’s highly enjoyable, and it might just change your working life forever.

On Wed 27th June we’re holding a ‘Storytelling’ afternoon and evening workshop in an upstairs bar in Covent Garden WC2.

In the afternoon 2pm – 5pm you’ll be working with others on your 5 minute story under our direction. A facilitator from Just Add Water will give you some structure and help towards crafting an interesting and memorable story.

We’ll throw in some great exercises to boost confidence and get everyone relaxed. You’ll get to explore and develop your skills as a storyteller with the aim of banishing your fears of public speaking.

In the evening (6pm – 9pm) you get to tell your story on stage for 5 minutes. It’s a private social function with some nice food and drink in the same room, and an invited crowd of supportive friends, colleagues and other story tellers. For us, these events are just great occasions to catch up with people we like to work with.

The Story Social theme for the evening event is entitled ‘Sharing’. We all know it’s good to share but… Did you fall out with a flatmate when the reality hit of what it really means to share? Are you with a partner whose idea of a takeaway is ordering a number of tasty dishes to share when you honestly just want your own Chicken Bhuna on your own plate without interference? Did you feel uncomfortable when a close friend or family member ‘overshares’ a personal dilemma and you can never see their partner in quite the same way again? Whatever your ‘sharing’ story is, we want to hear it.

We are offering 15 places for the afternoon, due to time constraints, and they will go quickly. If you’re interested, or work with someone who would really benefit from this, let me know as soon as you can.

Call Ian McKechnie on 020 7557 4377 or email: